Swansboro High School
Class of '74

It is with great sadness that I report that we have lost our first female classmate.  Karen Sexton Wine lost her battle with cancer on December 19, 2015.

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Have comments or suggestions on our future reunions?   Contact our Class President, Annette Belle-Oudry Holloman at:

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Annette Holloman
PO Box354
Swansboro 28584

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Billy Piner
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I need some help finding new email addresses for the following people.  Please send me an email if you know their new addresses.  Thanks! -

Black Smith, Judy Ann smithharris@always-online.com

Brownley, Leonard Lee pgtire@phoenixcon.net


Butch, Phillip Christopher pbutch1@earthlink.net

Eason, William Timothy seanski@ncfreedom.net

Edwards, Kenneth Marshall 2fishing@earthlink.net

Greene Williams, Karen Lynn ntkaren@aol.com

Gurba, Steven Emmett gurba@mynetrocks.com

Hager Culler, Debra Lynn bobculler@earthlink.net

Hewitt, Dale Edward yushi313@davisp.com

Holland, James Franklin jfh@nccoast.net

Jenkins, David Edward dj1956@usna.net

Klaus Nouhan, Susan Louise gnouhan@aol.com

Meadows Lazo, Kathy dlazo1952@earthlink.net

Morton, Randy Lee ziggy@gibralter.net

Plata, David Louis jag3311973@hotmail.com

Renegar Land, Vanesa Dale vanesa.land@verizon.net

Richardson Becker, Leona Mae lbecker@ncfreedom.net

Schneider, Steve Corbett duckdecoy@mynetrocks.com

Shackelford Harwell, Rebecca Lynn jerlharwell@mindspring.com

Slate Wright, Barbara Faye bwright@carolina.net

Yeck, Victor Thomas dyeckster@juno.com


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